Top Skateboard Tricks

Now that youve mastered the basics of your new skateboard, its time to try something more exciting. Your skateboard is great for cruising around the neighborhood, but even just knowing a few tricks will allow you to show off and wow some friends around. Of course, doing these stunts will be much different from riding the board, so make sure you have some free time and enough space to practice until you get it perfect.

1. Dropping In and Pumping

The secret to dropping in is to just commit to it. If you let yourself get scared halfway through, you will definitely screw it up. The secret to making it is to bend your knees to have a low center of gravity, then lean forward and connect your front wheels. It is understandable to feel scared to lean forward but you just need to trust the technique. You can try dropping in on any bank before trying out a quarter pipe or a mini ramp.

2. 50-50 Grind

You need to master the Ollie before trying this stunt, practicing doing it sideways as well. When rolling up beside your chosen ledge or box, you will need to be doing this exact same move. Doing it sideways is less risky than a head-on approach, because your grinds are not locked in properly like when you do it sideways.

3. Pop Shuv-It

If you are looking for an easy one to learn, then this is perfect for you. To do it you need to learn how to do shuv-its. While this move is already quite fun, you cannot do it on stairs or when there is a gap. So you will just need to master catching a pop shuv-it at the peak of a pop. Its really doable, dont worry.

4. Kickflip

This is a move for everyone, even beginners, though you can expect to invest some time learning it. You might need to watch videos on how to make this easily or simply read about expert skaters on how they do this stunt well. Basically, you need to do a solid Ollie and while on the top, you would need to flip the board using your ankle on the top corner of your skateboard. Now you just need to catch this flip with the back foot. You should then bring your front foot back, land and roll away.

5. Rock Fakie/Rock n Roll

This is one of the easier tricks out there, with the Rock n Roll being less complicated because you will ride back down into the same ramp you came up from. To master it, you need to practice how to pump the mini ramp first so that you can get used to doing the Rock Fakie.

6. Backside Grind

You have two options when it comes to doing this stunt, grinding either on the top of the coping or grinding the coping on the side. Of the two, the second is less dangerous and also simpler to do, but as you practice you will learn both options. The trick to not crashing is to make sure that your tricks are at the right position. After learning this, you can then figure out how to drop in afterward.

While most of these tricks sound easy, do not be surprised if you would need quite a bit of practice to actually pull them off. However, you really just need to build your skills and confidence and you will soon find yourself wowing your audience with your moves.