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How To Stay Young – Forever

The quest for eternal youth has plagued mankind since creation. Modern scientific knowledge has helped advance life expectancy far beyond what what was possible a hundred years ago. But how do you really slow down that ageing process and can there ever be eternal youth?

What Ages Us?

Possibly the best place to start is with an understanding of what ages us. What is it in life that makes some people age faster than others? Not just visually, but internally, physically and emotionally?

The easiest way to break it down, is to analyse events that shorten life, whether through heart disease, diabetes, smoking related illness or the like. Most things that shorten our life expectancy can be broken down into the following categories:

Smoking : The research into smoking and its related illnesses is well documented. The longer you smoke, the worse the impact is and the more you can reduce your life expectancy.

Drinking : while a small amount of alcohol may actually benefit health, the reality is that the majority of those that drink, do so to a greater amount than would be recommended by any medical practitioner.

Poor Diet : many people know what they should eat, but fast food, take aways, foods high in saturates, salt and sugar are often the cheapest and most readily available.

Stress : Everyone feels it differently. But whether you like it or not, stress and worry, whether over things you can manage or those that you cant, is a massive factor in terms of the impact it has on your health and longevity.

Skin Protection : poor skin health and excessive exposure to the suns harmful rays can mean an increase in skin cancer as well as contribute to a premature look of ageing

Genetics : there are some things that are easy to deal with, and some that are very hard. Genetics fall into the latter. However, with the work being done on decoding the genome, we are moving closer to fully understanding the profile that many illness take. Once we have conquered the gnome we will see the creation of a whole new world of personalised healthcare

Some additional great tips

How To Overcome Ageing Factors

Understanding what the main ageing and life shortening factors are can help us devise well known and proven strategies to reduce the. The effect of which is to help extend our life expectancy and increase the quality of life for so many.

Smoking : The simple advice is to dont. If you do, quit. That is always an easier thing to say than do. But the key is to always try, until you succeed. Try patches, try hypnotherapy, try vaping. Try them all again and again until you manage to quit. Smoking is one of the worse habits for your health and quitting can have the biggest improvement to your long term life expectation, as well as ongoing health and skin quality than almost anything else.

Drinking : Drink lots of water and cut down on your alcohol. Too much alcohol damages the liver and floods the organs and body with toxins. It can also rob you good mental capacity into old age and potentially contribute to brain degenerative diseases. Excessive and binge drinking are killers and should be avoided at all costs.

Poor Diet : Eat more fruit and vegetables. Eat more beans, nuts and seeds. Cut down on high saturated fat filled foods, those with high sugar content and anything that s mainly sugar. When you slip into poor habits, dont call them treats, call them being bad. Treat yourself to good things and your body will reward you with healthy internal organs and a lively outlook

Exercise : Become more active. Sit down for less time than you normally do. See if you can do more things standing than sitting. Talk on the phone standing up. Get a tablet and use it standing up instead of sitting at your computer. Walk up the stairs, even if you dont need to, just walk up and down them 20 times a day. Its great exercise.

If you are working out, use a . back support belt to keep your back strong.

Walk to the shops and carry home the shopping, but stick to just two bags.

Look for every opportunity that you can in your day to day to get more exercise. Dont worry about the gym, build exercise into your daily routine and you will do it forever.

Stress and Worry : Meditate. Join a yoga or Tai Chi class and learn to meditate. It will help you brush aside those thoughts that weigh you down, and clear your head for that brighter day.

Skin protection : moisturise and protect your skin. Dont expose yourself to the sun without broad spectrum sunscreen. Dont go out without moisturising your skin and protecting it from the elements. Drink lots of water and cut down on your sugar.

Genetics : Find a genetics center and get tested. Find out if you are at risk of any genetic diseases. they can help identify areas where treatment may already be available. Or, on the other hand, just forget about it, one less thing to worry about.

What to do next

The main advice is get started. To get started I suggest that you replace all the bad habits with new ones.

It is far easier to replace a bad habit with a good one than to stop altogether.

Get help. Enlist the help of friends and family to help you make inroads to your new quest for eternal youth. Share your goals and have them help you stay focused. You will need help, you will need discipline but most importantly, your will can help you succeed.